Friday, May 25, 2007

More Photos from Tweeling!

Winter has definitely started in Tweeling and we have been FREEZING. Our house is so cold that we don't need to put the milk in the refrigerator. Wednesday morning the thermometer outside hit -8 degrees Celsius (17F!) and we remembered when it hit 29F in Tucson and everyone talked about it for days. We went out and bought several space heaters that have warmed up our house and have made it possible to climb out of bed for Kate to make it to Refeng-Thabo before school starts at 7:15.

We thought that we'd share some photos from warmer days.

First, our landlord and friend, Danny Motale, with his kids in the wheelbarrow.

It doesn't take long around here for a group of kids to assemble, especially if the camera is out. This photo is of the 7th St. Soccer Team / Dance Squad.

The roads in South Africa are very good, but we are glad to be reminded very often that it is still Africa. We've started taking pictures of people and animals that we have come upon in the road while we are driving. These women had spent all morning collecting the grass bundles that they are carrying back home for roof repairs.

While we have seen many incredible animals in South Africa, we've seen more cows than we can believe.

Andy and the girls had a balancing contest on a sunny afternoon. Ntombi, which means "daughter" in Zulu, is just holding on and Reatlele and Vanessa are climbing up for a challenge.

Kate and Mandla in the backyard. Mandla calls both Andy and Kate "Katie" and we are wondering what he thinks that "Katie" means (White people who like to throw me in the air?).

Andy, Zambo, Mandla, and Ntombi at halftime in a backyard soccer match. If you can get the soccer ball in the middle of the old tire, you get a point. If you can do it from across the yard, you get two points.

Andy, Mandla, and Ntombi.

Ntombi, Kate, and Mandla.

Mandla loves to be picked up, spun, and held upside down. When he sees Kate or Andy, he'll come running with both arms up.

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