Wednesday, June 6, 2007

ABSA Cup Championship in Durban

Before the car was stolen, we were having an absolute blast at the ABSA Cup Championships in Durban. We left for Durban at 5am on Saturday and drove straight to the beach. All over Durban people were wearing their team’s colors, bright yellow for the Sundowns and Red for CapeTown’s Ajax.

The Sundowns are a very wealthy team and can buy the good players (SA’s Yankees). They were the heavy favorites to win, having already won the South African Professional Soccer League. Sundowns’ fans also outnumbered CapeTown’s fans 2 to 1. Being true Red Sox fans, we rooted for the underdog.

Danny and Thokozile Motale joined us for the drive and the match. They wore their own team colors, black and gray for the Orlando Pirates.

The crowd filled ABSA Stadium, one of the stadiums that will be used for the World Cup in 2010, and made an impressive racket. Soccer fans here like to show their support by blasting away at any kind of noisemaker.

This fan broke out some kind of car part for the match that he could wind up and make a “zoom zoom” sound.

More common is the “Vuvuzela,” kind of like a giant kudzu that makes a sound exactly like its name.

The match was an upset, with CapeTown winning 2 – 0. There was a different kind of “upset” outside the stadium, but all is going well on that front. The insurance company has been wonderful and everything is being taken care of.

AND the Red Sox are 9 games up (AND the Yankees are losing the AL East).

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