Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Stealing Chickens and Eating Pigeons…

Springtime brings all kinds of funny events to Tweeling.

The other day one of the teachers came to one of Kate’s classes and pulled out two of my normally-well-behaved boys. The boys came back to class giggling, but with sore hands.

They had been “caned” by the head of Refeng-Thabo’s discipline committee (the student puts his/her hand out and the teacher hits it with a stick) for stealing a chicken in the township. It’s really hard to keep a straight face while telling the students that it’s not right to steal other people’s chickens…

It was even harder to keep from laughing when Moketsi said “Well, he was the one who slaughtered it…”

The Motales didn’t steal these pigeons, but caught them in the garage. Kagiso kept two as pets, and before long there was a baby pigeon, and there are currently two little eggs.

Danny caught two more, who were not taking well to the cage. Yesterday there were no kids anywhere, so we knew that something had to be up.

Kagiso came to Kate and asked for chicken spice, which he brought into the garage.

Intrigued, Kate followed him and found Kagiso and Simphiwe grilling up two decapitated pigeons…

The better weather has drawn kids from all over town to the ongoing 7th Street soccer game.

Yesterday, Andy had a record number of boys looking for him to play soccer with them.

There were so many, in fact, that they were finally asked not to play in the street and had to move the daily 7th St. soccer match to the town school’s soccer field.

While the boys played street-soccer, Kate had a few volunteers to help with her porch-garden. The girls are going to take care of Kate’s zucchini, pumpkin, and basil plants while she and Andy are away with their parents, who are coming to visit this week. The girls each have their own pumpkin plants (which they gendered and named) that Kate has promised them a big pumpkin from and will leave them with when she and Andy leave in December.

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