Monday, October 29, 2007

Red Sox Fans are Everywhere!

Who knew that the Red Sox had so many fans in Tweeling?

It started on Friday morning, when, for a reason noone knew, we skipped the Friday morning assembly. Every Friday the whole school gets together and the students sing gorgeous songs. A teacher leads a prayer, the principal makes announcements, and everyone heads off to class.

This past Friday there was no assembly, so the kids in Kate's first period class hadn't gotten their Friday singing out of their systems. Kate tried to get them to focus by promising that we could all sing for the last five minutes of class.

The students took the deal, but only on the condition that Mrs. Mahady teach them an American song to sing.

Kate, at a loss for any American song that would work, except for "We Will Rock You," wrote the lyrics to "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" on the board. She had to explain the rules of baseball (including trying to convince many kids that it is not cricket), and the importance of peanuts and cracker-jacks, but it caught on fairly well.

As a lifelong fan and a Boston native, Kate never really believed that she'd see the Red Sox win a World Series, so we weren't going to miss it if it was happening again. Kate and Andy had to wake up at 4am to watch games 3 & 4 broadcast from Colorado and sit through hilarious South African explanations of "Home Runs" and "Outs" and "K's" on ESPN World.

It made us proud, surprised, and homesick to see the Red Sox POUND Colorado. Congratulations to the Red Sox and to Red Sox fans, we deserve it after so many years of excitement and disappointments.

Now if we can pass some of that magic on to the Free State Stars...

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