Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Watermelon Man

Anyone older than my students at Booth-Fickett will hopefully catch the Herbie Hancock reference in the title…

As summer is starting in Tweeling and the watermelons ripen, Andy has become Tweeling’s Watermelon Man.

While Andy already had a lot of fans in Tweeling, the kids now follow him around like he’s the Pied Piper since he turned them on to watermelon.

The kids were asking for apples, which we had been giving them whenever they were hungry. Andy instead sliced up the huge watermelon that we had bought for $5.

Due to a slight language confusion, the kids continued to ask for apples when they were hoping for some watermelon.

We have found some of the world’s biggest watermelons at the Fruit and Vegetable shop in Bethlehem, about an hour south of Tweeling.

Ntombi can hold the watermelon herself if we lift in and hand it to her, but Fana needs some help. One of these days, we are sure, there will be a smashed watermelon on our kitchen floor…

Andy continued to draw fans by teaching some of the kids to bake Toll House Cookies. The kids call them “The Cooks” or “The Little Cakes.”

He also taught them about the fun in eating the cookie dough and smearing it all over your face. He was even successful in convincing the kids that, after you eat the Cooks, you have to clean up the fantastic mess that you made.

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