Monday, December 25, 2006

Getting Ready to Leave

It is an enormous job to get your selves and your home ready to leave for Africa for a year! Andy left Tucson in his truck on December 20th for the drive back to Pennsylvania. He'll spend the holidays with his family and will be leaving for South Africa on January 6th from Washington, D.C.

Kate will be in Boston and Cape Cod for the holidays and will be back in Tucson to greet Mosuwenyana Mokoena (the farthest right in the photo) when he comes into Tucson on January 4th. Kate will leave for South Africa from Tucson on January 6th and will arrive an hour before Andy.

Kate and Andy will be living in Frankfort, South Africa for the year of 2007. Kate will be teaching at Refeng-Thabo Secondary School and Andy will be volunteering with local organizations. As we were getting ready, we decided to make things even more exciting by getting married over Thanksgiving weekend!

Our internet access will be spotty during our time in Frankfort, (Mosuwenyana tells me that you can't get internet access when it's cloudy out) but we'll be posting information to this site whenever we have a chance.

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