Monday, January 8, 2007

Alphios arrives in Tucson

Welcome to Tucson!

Mosuwenyana Alphios Mokoena arrived in Tucson on January 4th in the afternoon. We drove to our house, where he will be staying for the year, and Alphios had his first burrito. All agree that, if he likes burritos, he'll do just fine in Tucson.

On Friday Alphios and I were all over town, visiting Booth-Fickett, setting up utility accounts, and getting an Arizona ID. In the evening we had a party with teachers from Booth-Fickett, who were incredibly supportive and promised to take good care of him. I am incredibly thankful for their kindness and their interest in and willingness to help Alphios during his time in Tucson.

Mr. Manny Contreras offered to take Alphios to school on the first day and to bring him on Saturday to buy a cell phone, which Manny has offered to pay for with funds from the Student Council. I leave Alphios feeling confident that he will be well cared for by Booth-Fickett staff!

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