Friday, January 26, 2007

Goings On at Refeng-Thabo

I have just concluded my third week at Refeng-Thabo and wanted to post some photos of my students and the school. Last week we had a track meet against the other school in town, which is a school that had formerly been completely white. Refeng-Thabo students did very well and all of the students were excited to have their pictures taken. The facilities at the former white school are drastically different (and better) than Refeng-Thabo's facilities. Though the school population at both schools is almost completely black, it is clear that the schools were set up to keep the opportunities that each group will have separate and unequal.

My students have been so thankful for the donation of atlases by Jonathan Senn, of Booth-Fickett. Whenever they come out, the students pour over them because they are so beautiful. I took several pictures today of students working together (which they do very nicely!) on an atlas project. I plan to print several photos for Mr. Senn as a Thank You card, but in the meantime, Refeng-Thabo students wish to thank him for his very valuable donation.

All is going well at school and everyone has been very helpful. The students are getting used to my accent and I am working on my Sesotho and Zulu, which always gets a laugh from the students. I've mastered "enter class" "You're being noisy" and "sit down" as well as greetings and good-byes.

I've finally been able to upload photos, so I've added quite a few to previous posts. We've taken over 500 photos already and are sure that we'll take thousands before we leave. It's hard to take a bad picture here as the landscape and the people are absolutely beautiful!

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Ilse Billings said...

Hi Kate,

It is so interesting to read your blog. Particularly the reaction from the students about the new atlasses. Jonathan will be very happy to know how much they are enjoying them. It sounds that you are enjoying teaching this age group as well. Am I right?