Thursday, January 25, 2007

Kate and Andy's Weekend Trips

There is absolutely nothing to do in Tweeling on the weekend, so we've decided to have every weekend be an excursion farther into South Africa. The first weekend that we were here we visited Clarens Golden Gate National Park. The park is an hour and a half from our home and is absolutely beautiful. The town of Clarens offered restaurants and B&B's, both of which were a treat. The town is beautiful and we
were awed by the fields of sunflowers that are in bloom on the ride south from Tweeling. Free State is famous for its sunflowers, which are gorgeous and stretch as far as you can see.

Last weekend we visited the Drakensburg Mountains, southeast of Tweeling and on the border of Lesotho. We watched baboons in the Royal Natal National Park and hiked through the park to a series of beautiful waterfalls. On Sunday we went on a tour/hike from the guest house where we stayed to Sentinel Peak. The misty mountain peaks were absolutely gorgeous and we were blown away by how beautiful the green mountains are after the summer
rains. We were caught in an impressive storm on the mountain, which drenched us and ruined our cell phone. A shopkeeper in Tweeling thinks that he might be able to fix it, but for now we are cell-phone-less. Even with the intense storm, the mountains and the whole area are gorgeous and we plan to return soon.

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Ilse Billings said...

Hi Kate and Andy,

Wow! I am really jealous now. Who is the photographer? Some of your pictures are awesome. The artist in me is becoming inspired.