Thursday, January 18, 2007

Programme to Welcome Kate and Andy

We were already feeling very welcome in Tweeling, where we have been treated like family members by the family that owns the main house for our cottage, when the Tweeling community went above and beyond in welcoming us to the community. Last Thursday, school ended at 12 noon so that the faculty and town could welcome us "South African Style."

There was quite a to-do at a school assembly, which included students' singing, reading poems, and performing, speeches by members of the community and the school, a ceremony by traditional healers (sangomas), and an unbelievable South African feast for the faculties of the secondary and primary schools. Andy and I were so touched that I said to my principal, Mr. Rahdebe, how incredible that the whole program was making us feel and he told me, "That is the South African Way."


Brett said...

Hey Kate!!

Check this out:


Ilse Billings said...

Hi Kate,

Wow, what a diffirence compared to what we tend to do on our end over here. You can feel the sense of togetherness from the pictures.